Jan 14, 2015

Workstation Wednesday: Non-Fiction News Workstation

Last spring, I purchased a few products from Journey of a Substitute Teacher to create an on-going literacy workstation with nonfiction text. 

Here are the four that I am using for this station (although you could easily start by making it with just one of her products!)

Click on the picture above to go directly to her store & her nonfiction packs!

Her nonfiction packs have a lot in them! I sorted through them and placed all items about the same animal/dinosaur/insect, etc. together. Then, I made a folder for each item with two plastic sleeves in it. The actual reading passage is just copied once and stays in the plastic sleeves, along with pictures, and graphic organizer type things. Then, the pieces that students actually need to write on and turn in are copied onto paper and put into the pockets. Students can choose a folder for this station, complete the activities inside, then turn in the one sheet of paper. I call this station NON-FICTION NEWS.

This is what a call a FOREVER workstation. After I took the time to make it once, all I have to do is add copies (hopefully only once a year!) into the pockets. The informational/reading parts always stay in the folder. To be safe, I put 30 copies of the student writing part in and then I encourage students to ONLY choose that folder once throughout the year. My students would usually visit this workstation once a week. It's kind of an honor system on whether they have done that folder before or not. Hopefully, all of the topics will be interesting enough to them that they will be anxious to try all of them! 

Please see the pictures below for a more detailed picture of what I have described!!!



  1. Neat idea! when do your kiddos get to do this? especially since they can't repeat using a folder

    1. My students do this during their reading workstations/centers. I only have my two higher groups assigned to this station. They know that they can only do each folder once, as you can see from the picture of the crate, there are quite a few folders for them to choose from. They can only do one per week. For more information on how my workstations run, click on the Workstation Wednesday label over on the right hand side of my blog page and it will take you to the "Workstation Wednesday" posts that I did in the spring. I explained in more detail of how I run and differentiate my stations with personal work plans. I have changed things a little bit this year at my new school and I hope to make time to blog about that very soon! It takes a lot of explaining! :)

    2. Allison, you are amazing. I cannot wait to read how you have changed things up. I do things very similar to you. I have gotten all of my ideas from YOU. You have helped me so much. I love this nonfiction idea!

  2. Holy smokes, this looks amazing!!! Thank you so much and I'm to see it in action besides my kids lol. <3

  3. *I'm glad to see it haha :) Guess I need to get cracking on more so your kids won't get bored!