Jan 17, 2015

Recap of the Week {Freebie Included!}

Some of the fun we had this week! We started the week with quite a snowy Monday! We only had a two-hour delay, which we were all baffled by because the roads were a little scary even after the 2 hour delay! But, we don't have to make up another snow day, so that's all that matters. We had two snow days last week. Needless to say, it was a LONG week having 5 (almost) full days! We hadn't had that in...oh...about a month!

At least we had a beautiful snowy view out our window!

I introduced some of my extra literacy centers/games to some of my higher level kids that stay in the room during our intervention pull out time. I was worried that some of the stuff we were doing during this intervention time wasn't useful enough. So, I got out some of these activities and they loved them! They were working so hard and QUIET. Plus, all of these skills are being tested right now on our weekly test. Suffixes, prefixes, main idea and details! Score!

Wednesdays are our iPad day! We have a cart of iPads that our hallway shares throughout the week, so we bring the iPads to our room for about an hour on Wednesdays. We use them during our math block, so here was a quick practice of our three-digit numbers and place value that we had been working on! I wish we had more time with them for more in depth projects!

We had our Real Men Read volunteer come in this week and he read one of my favorite books. Another post on this later! :)

On Friday, we worked on expanded form on our desks! The kids about died. I didn't realize I hadn't done this with them yet this year. Apparently not, they thought I was off my rocker! Clorox wipes when all done and we now have a clean, germ free, and fresh smelling room.

We ended the week with working on GRIPPING STORIES for our writing unit. I shared one of my favorite books with my students and they just loved it. I find this to be a gripping story, what do you think? Also, we love how it had a twist at the end! My students helped me add their thoughts and ideas to the anchor chart below. 

Here's another thing I have been working on at home this week to go along with our math topic that we are studying right now.

I'm sneaking it on this blog post for FREE since you have been keeping up with my 2015 blogs! This is the most I have ever blogged! I have tons more posts scheduled, so stay tuned!!! I'm excited about so many of them!

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