Jan 16, 2015

2nd Grade Math Tasks

I created these math tasks for my second graders this year. They are meant to help them through our Envisions topics, but I have had a lot of other teachers purchase them that do not use the Envisions series. There are three tasks per topic and so far, they have been extremely helpful in my classroom! Some examples of the tasks are shown below!

Click here to find my math tasks in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free sample


  1. I do not like how Envision tends to test differently than they teach the material through the worksheets. I DO like how the performance tasks make them think and I DO like how you have created practice tasks that give the students some practice so the task is not totally foreign when they are taking the test. This year our district has changed the requirements slightly so we give the test on the iPads which eliminates the performance task. But they have added a district created written component. Nothing is EASY! Thank you for creating and sharing these tasks which seem to be good for inspiring reading/following directions and thinking. I am heading over to TPT to peek at them. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your input Amy! I hope you can find them useful!