Jan 30, 2015

Student Created Anchor Charts: Main Idea and Details

This was a true, authentic group activity that we tried a few weeks ago. Again, I say.... it's authentic. The student created anchor charts are created by second graders that are really doing some amazing thinking and collaborating, even if they don't look Pinterest worthy! :) I think they did a great job for their first try!

In order to practice main idea and detail skills, we used a product from Meet Miss Parker that included differentiated reading passages! 

Students were put into differentiated groups and were told to read the passage and start determining what they thought was the main idea of the passage and then some details to go with that main idea.

Here are the passages, as you can see the same passage is in three different lexile levels.


These are the Differentiated Reading Comprehension Passages for Winter by Meet Miss Parker

Students read the passage first:


Then out came my stash of markers (the ones that kids are allowed to use, haha) and some big newsprint paper.

I gave students a kind of "bones" anchor chart to work with, to let them know what needed to be included. Some of them used creativity to changes up a little, but overall they knew they had to have the main idea and three details.

Work in progress!

Overall, they did a great job and I can't wait to implement more projects like this! My higher level kids really need good "thinking" projects like this!! Loved it!




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