Jan 9, 2015

January Math Fun (mClass Print & Go!)

In our district, we use mClass math assessments to assess our K-2 students. I have created some practice for my students for morning work and homework. See previous post about it here. The practice sheets and centers helped me students immensely last year! I can't wait to see the scores this year. It's a great challenge for myself. This year I have created monthly packets to use also, just to add some fun to the practice!!!

These packets can be used by anyone though, you don't have to use the mClass assessment! The packet includes addition and subtraction number fact practice, computation practice including two digit addition and subtraction,

Here is my January edition!

Here are my students working on some of the December ones that I created! I have October-February finished and I plan to have a monthly set for every month we are in school! :) The kids LOVE doing them!

Check my store for the February edition and I'm working on March next!

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