Jan 12, 2015

Meeting Two Fabulous Authors: Patricia Polacco and Jan Brett

Earlier this fall,  I was able to meet TWO of my very favorite children's authors within the matter of days! It was so exciting!!! First, Abbie from Tales From the First Grade and I drove just an hour up to Michigan to meet Patricia Polacco. One of my all-time favorite children's authors! She was doing a wonderful little talk and book signing at a small town bookstore for Small Business Saturday. She lives in the nearby town and it quite popular in the area and well-known. She spoke about her upcoming books, which I'm so excited for. I loved hearing her speak and tell stories. I will always hear her voice when I read her books from now on! Amazing lady. She signed our books, then we headed to the bookstore, bought some more books for gifts, stood in line again and had got to chat more with her! Lovely day!

Just three days later, Jan Brett visited my city on her The Animals' Santa book tour!!! This was super exciting for me and for my class because we had been studying her books the previous month for our Authors as Mentors unit in writing. The kids loved her books and we sent home invitations for all of the 2nd graders to come to this event at the public library. She spoke at our public library, drew an amazing picture to show us how she does her illustrations, then did a nice, personalized book signing. What an amazing and memorable time! Also, if you haven't read her new book yet, be sure to get it for next Christmas. Very cute story! My students and my kids both love it.

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  1. My class LOVED The Animals' Santa when we read it before Christmas, and I will begin my full-out Patricia Polacco unit when I finally get back to school this month (when the snow stops)! I love PP's stories are her brother Richie, and my class asks to watch JB's drawing videos on her website during indoor recess!
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