Jan 10, 2015

New Monthly Problem Solving Sets

I have started making some daily problem solving problems for my 2nd graders! I'm hoping it will help them with multiple step problems. Also, I like to have them practice different math skills at different times of the year. Instead of JUST two-digit addition and subtraction right now, I think they need to practice some of the other skills we have learned too. We do these right at the beginning of our math time. We return to the room from lunch and the slips of paper are on their desks, they glue them in their math journals and get started. While they work on these (about 10-15 minutes), we are taking a bathroom break, a few kids are gone at at time. It works nicely during bathroom break because it settles them after lunch, gives them something to do during this break, and also warms them up for math that day!

I also tried hard to create them in a printer friendly way. There are three problem solving tasks per sheet of paper. So, you copy that sheet of paper times however many students you have, then cut in three pieces. You could just have them do each slip each day and turn in or take home, etc. But, I have them glue it into their math journals to have a kind of diary of all of them. Just my preference.

I like how the ones that I have made have been working so far this month, so I plan to continue to create them monthly for my class!

If you are interested in trying them out, here they are in my store: January Math Problem Solving Tasks

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