Jan 23, 2016

Fab Vocab: Weekly Vocabulary Units

I've recently started creating these weekly vocabulary units! I will be creating 30+ weeks, for every week of the school year. Each week focuses on 6 vocabulary words and will include the same activities each week to help your students enrich their vocabulary. The activities won't change much, if at all, so your students can focus on the new WORDS, rather than on new activities/games to learn. Please see the following pictures and descriptions of all that is included! Week 1 is posted in my store and watch for more weeks in the very near future! As I go, I'll bundle 5 weeks at a time for a discounted price. (Weeks 1-5 will be bundled when I finish all five.) I'd love to hear what you think!

Jan 22, 2016

Stuckey in Second Newsletter

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Jan 17, 2016

So In Love With Books Giveaway

Good morning! There is an awesome group of teacher bloggers doing another book giveaway like we did at Christmas time! This time, it's all VALENTINE'S DAY and LOVE! What could be better?

So, we are calling this the SO IN LOVE WITH BOOKS Giveaway. Here's how it works, check out the book that I am sharing below. Download my freebie if you'd like it, collect the number at the bottom of my post (Don't enter the rafflecopter until you have all of the numbers!), then hop over to the next teacher blog that I have indicated at the bottom. Continue to go through all of the blogs and collect all of the numbers, add them up, and THAT is the number that you enter in drawing. You could win ALL 12 of the books that are shared in this giveaway! Plus you get 12 freebies no matter what! Let's get started!

Second graders love Pete the Cat! There is just something WAY COOL about this cat that they all seem to love. Well the book starts out with Pete being "TOO COOL" for Valentine's Day, which his feline friend Callie then persuades him into realizing Valentine's Day IS cool. I think a lot of boys, especially at the 2nd grade up level, can relate to this. Is it really cool to like girly hearts and words like LOVE!? I love reading books that relate to my kids and that they can connect with. For me, boys seem to be the focus that I'm trying to connect with, that's why I like this book! 

If you already own this book, or plan on trying to read it this Valentine's Day season, download my freebie below for a few graphic organizers to go along with it, plus a written response page. Just click the picture below to download it from TPT! 

Now is the fun part, it's time to COLLECT MY NUMBER BELOW, write it down, and click on the image below to head over to the next blog! 

Don't forget, you can enter to win AFTER you have visited all 12 blogs! The rafflecopter will only let you enter the number once, so you don't want to mess up! Visit all 12 before entering the number! GOOD LUCK! 

If you are coming back to my blog for the 2nd time (meaning you have been through all 12 blogs already), add up all of the numbers that you collected and enter the SUM of the numbers in the rafflecopter below!

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Jan 7, 2016

My Snowman Melted!

Well, I will be honest, here in Indiana we haven't had enough snow to even make a snowman yet...and with this year's weather, if the kids were able to make one, I'm sure it'd melt within a few days!

This quick project was inspired by this fun picture my daughter brought home from preschool. Isn't it adorable? At first, I assumed it was her version of a snowman...see the hole punched eyes and buttons, carrot nose, and arm? She informed me this was a MELTED snowman. So adorable!

I got to thinking, what could be done with 2nd graders (or just older than preschool kids!) So,  I just whipped up this fun writing template for students to tell how their snowman melted. My idea is to encourage them to think of a unique way that it melted... maybe he went to get his hair done at the salon and the hair dryer melted him!


I've added a small paper plate, turned over to the white side to make this a fun 3-D project. It kind of looks like a paper bowl, but it really is a plate. You could use a bowl too! Truly you could add the little construction paper pieces to the actual writing template without the paper plate if you wanted! Also, you could use crayons and markers instead of construction paper! I would just do it this way with the plates and construction paper to make it a little more engaging for my particular students! :) 

For the free template, click here, FOLLOW my TPT store by clicking FOLLOW ME, then download the freebie! I'd love your feedback! :) 

Jan 6, 2016

Easy Dinner for BACK TO SCHOOL Teachers

Yesterday, I posted over at Who's Who and Who's New, which is a collaborative teaching blog. In case you didn't see it, I thought I'd share my fun post with you here too!

First of all, I was trying to think of something that teachers REALLY need right now, at the beginning of January.... Most of us have just headed back to school after what I hope was a nice, relaxing winter break. (Never long enough, I'm sure!) One thing that I'm sure you need are some fast-paced lesson ideas to get your students engaged when they head back, groggy and tired.... but another thing you need is MORE TIME and more ENERGY!

I thought and thought and decided that I'd share something a little different today! I'm going to share a quick and easy slow cooker meal for HOME! Don't you need more time at home and more energy too? We all know that helps teachers all around... one less thing to worry about, am I right?

Here is a quick and easy CHICKEN TACO CHILI. Here's how I save myself some time, after a dinner that I've used the oven (or not), I leave the oven on, throw 2-3 FROZEN chicken breasts in to bake for about 45 minutes. Take them out, let them cool a little, and shred them in my stand up mixer. Then  I put them in a sealed bowl in the fridge until the next morning.

In the morning, I put everything together, as you'll see below! (You could put it all together the night before if you want and put the crock into the fridge until morning too!) Put everything together, then set on high for 6 hours or low for 8-10 hours. You can't really mess this up! Here's another way to save time: Don't print this or even write it all down. Take a screenshot with your phone of either the picture of ingredients (don't forget chicken since it's not in the pic!) or take a screenshot of the ingredients slide at the bottom. I take screenshots of recipes ALL THE TIME, then you have it with you at the store and when you are ready to make it! Save time, paper, and ENERGY!