Jan 21, 2015

Workstation Wednesday: Fluency Phrase Rings

Hello! I'm trying to continue with my Workstation Wednesday posts, as long as I have enough ideas to show you! I'll start showing some of my math workstations too! 

Anyway, this is sometimes a workstation, but usually used in my small groups. I have had these fluency rings for about 4 years. I actually remember cutting them out and adding the rings on a road trip that my husband and I took down to Nashville. I had a list of Fry's Phrases that someone gave me. I have tried looking for an electronic version before and never found it. Then, I copied each level on a different color of card stock . So, the color signifies the level quickly! 

If not using these in a workstation (easy differentiated workstation!), I use them with each small group. Each group, depending on their level, has a color they are working on. I put these in middle of table to start and warm up the small group. They grab one, read through the phrases using fluency, then when they finish, they can throw back in the middle for another set. We do this for 5 min or so, depending on the day to get warmed up! The group that I took pictures of below, I have working on two levels. When they seem fluent in these fluency phrases, I move onto the next. 

Like I said, I have had these fluency phrase rings for over 4 years, and they aren't even laminated! Crazy! But, I have resorted to some other "fluency phrase" games to peak the kids interest a little more. Also great for workstations. They are the SAME PHRASES but with cute graphics and with them made into more of a game, it's way more fun, right?!

If you are interested in my Fluency Phrase games, I'll link them to the pictures below. They are available in my TPT store! They can be printed and put on rings, too! So many options! You could have the games and then print again and put them on rings.

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