Jan 25, 2015

Main Idea and Details

Again, I'm reminiscing about back when I started this blog. Here is a bulletin board activity I did about 5 years ago! 

I'm thinking about doing this with some of the winter titles I have been reading and snowflakes! What do you think?


After working on identifying the main idea and details in fiction and non-fiction text, my class worked together to create this bulletin board. We used some of our favorite read aloud books from this year so far and we found the main idea and three details for each book.

1. Have students choose which book they'd like to work with. (I had them work with partners, so I just chose two students who were interested in the book to work together.)

2. Give each pair of students 4 sticky notes. One for main idea, 3 for details.

3. Have students reread the familiar read aloud story.

4. Have students identify what they think the main idea of the book is and write it on a sticky note labeled "Main Idea"

5. Have each pair of students find 3 details that they find important from the story and remind them that the details need to support the main idea that they have chosen. They may write these 3 details on the other 3 sticky notes.

6. After checking capitals, punctuation, etc. on the sticky notes, I let them copy the sentences onto cut out leaves for our fall themed bulletin board.

7. Add the main idea and detail leaves to the book covers that are on your bulletin board.

8. You could also have students share their main idea and details of these books with the class. Each of the books should be familiar to the entire class, so they may help them decide if this was the main idea or not.

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