Jan 8, 2015

Roll & Read Fluency Phrases

Well, we are FROZEN here in Indiana. We are off school today because of extremely cold temperatures. Our real temp is below zero and our "feels like" temperature is -28. BRR! I don't want to even open the door to let the dog out! Keep the cold air out of here!!

Since I'm SOOOO FROZEN, I thought I'd share my Frozen Roll & Read Fluency phrases with you all today for a discounted price. My students LOVES these. Even if they don't want to admit it, the boys love them too. There are 6 levels of phrases, I keep them in a binder in order by the levels and pull out a different level for each group, depending on their ability. It's a great QUICK warm up for guided reading groups!

Here is the link to the THREE DOLLAR deal in my store TODAY ONLY! :)

If you REALLY want something separate for the boys in your class, I do have Football Fluency Phrases too. Exactly the same as above, but they have football clipart. Click here.

Hope it's warmer where you are! Enjoy your day!

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