Jul 6, 2013

Treasures Resource Packets

My 2nd grade Treasures Resource Packets have been a big hit on Teachers Pay Teachers and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm so glad that teachers out there are loving my work. It's so exciting!!! I have now officially completely finished all 6 units of the packets. It was a little confusing because I had started at Unit 3 (the point that I was teaching at when I started making them) then I went through 4, 5, 6, then back to do 1 and 2. Now they are all done and I'm selling them in weekly packets, but also full unit packs at a discounted price. Also, if you really like my work and decide that you want to purchase the entire year (30 weeks=6 units=$150), I will FOR SURE make you a great deal on the whole year set. Just contact me. There isn't an easy way for me to sell the entire year on TPT because the file would be so large. What would be easier is just for me to make great teachers a great deal! :-)

Do you use my Treasures packets? Tell me what you think! I'd love to hear!

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Some quick pictures of some of my 2nd Grade Treasures Resources:



  1. Allison, I purchased your Literacy Center Mega Pack back in the fall. Used them in my library classes. They were perfect. I want to purchase another set of centers for the fall, do you suggest I get set 2 next or purchase out of order? My teachers do not use Treasures but these are great centers! (We just received new textbooks for k-5 and I can't remember which company TN went with. oops!)

    1. Hi Sara, I'm glad that you like the Literacy Center Mega Pack. If I were you, I'd just purchase the next sets in order. Although you don't use Treasures, I will tell you that when I made Mega Pack #1 (that you have), it went along with Unit 3 in Treasures (that's where I was at the time that I decided to create them!), then Mega Set 2 goes along with Unit 4, Mega Set 3 goes along with Unit 5, Mega Set 4 goes with Unit 6. (I think that's all I've made!? Haha, without looking, I'm pretty sure!) Anyway, I don't think they necessarily get harder as they go, they just so happen to go along with the skills that go with those units in Treasures (which doesn't matter to you!) If you look at the descriptions on TPT, I try to tell what skills are included in the packets (phonics skills, grammar skills, etc.) so that might help you to see what you can use!! I hope to get the sets made soon that would go along with Units 1 and 2 of Treasures (so for some people may be best to use at the beginning of the year.) I really hope that all of this makes sense and I'm not just rambling!

      Thanks again for your question and I'm glad you like the unit!!!


  2. How much for the whole year??? (From a very poor teacher! ) haha

    1. Hi Katrina! I know how you feel! :) I can do the whole year for $100. Basically, if you buy Units 1-5, I will email you Unit 6 for free. (You can buy the full units for $20 each.) Have you used any of of my Treasures packets yet?