Jul 29, 2013

School Week Linky--Monday LESSON PLANNERS

The Teacher's Chair
Good morning friends! I'm linking up with Tracey at The Teacher's Chair for this linky this week (as long as I can come up with enough for each day!) Now I have to give a disclaimer, mine is no where near as cute and exciting as Tracey's! Now I see why she wanted to do this, to show off how CUTE she is!!! I'm going to go steal her ideas!!! Haha

Today is Lesson Planners. Now, I have to first admit that I'm nowhere near ready for school or even going into school to GET ready at this point. So I haven't got anything ready for my lesson planner this year. We won't have our schedules, etc. until right before the first day anyway. But I can share what I usually do for my lesson planner.
I don't have a book or binder anymore like I used to. I complete my plans on the computer in a template that I've created myself, then I hang them on my closet door (behind my desk) in sheet protectors. When I insert the new week's lesson plans, I do take the old ones down and put them in a binder to look back at later.

I really thought I had some pictures of my lesson plans hanging up because I had created this completely over-the-top sub binder for my maternity leave last year with pictures of EVERYTHING. However, it looks like I didn't have pics of it in there! Weird?!? But I did have this picture, this is my schedule that hangs right next to my lesson plans and it looks VERY similar. In fact, I really use this same template, and then I add in my actual "plans".  I used word to make this and I love having the template and just adding in what I need. I also like how the week is all across just one page. When I add in all of my plans, it ends up being about 3 pages up and down. I just have three sheet protectors hanging straight down on the door with those three pages in them. I love how I can look at the plans at a glance and remember what I need to be doing. Plus, if there is ever an emergency situation where someone has to take over my room, they can see it too and not have to search  my desk for plans.
Would my lesson plans work for you? Or do you need more detail? I know a lot of people like to have them hand-written where they can change things if they need to. I'll try to remember to update these a little once I have some plans for this year!!!


  1. Hi Allison! Thanks for linking up! I love the idea of hanging the plans up in the clear protector! This would help me in two ways: 1) no more flipping back and forth through my binder and 2) sometimes the piles on my desk get so big that it's hard to locate the binder in the first place. I may just have to try your strategy! Thanks for the tip (and for your kind words about my plans). I was definitely more excited by your idea than mine! It's so great to share :)
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  2. Hi Allison. I have tried a couple of options...I posted today a new long range plan calendar I made, but I haven't started working on my weekly format yet. I usually do them on the computer, print them and put them in my binder...good idea to hang them up!

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