Jul 27, 2013

Indiana Goes Back to School Blog Hop

Indiana teachers are getting ready to go back to school (and I might be jealous of my many friends to the north in Michigan that don't go back until after Labor Day!!) My district has teachers back the 15th of August and kids back the 19th. Of course we will all have to be there well before the 15th to actually be "ready."

So...this great group of Indiana teachers (19 of us last I knew!) has decided that we should do something to CELEBRATE and get excited about going back to school. We are ready to share our excitement with everyone else, whether you are going back now or after Labor Day. Or maybe you are already back!?!?!? Eek! :)

Please join us in our celebration by HOPPING through all of our blogs! Please be sure to become followers to each of us as you go through the hop so that you can be notified of other great things in the future! Most of us also have Facebook pages and Teachers Pay Teachers pages that you can follow too so that you are always IN THE KNOW!

Now for the goodies in this "Hoosier" Hop!

Thank you to Anita for sending you here to my blog:
Please download my freebie to get you ready for BACK TO SCHOOL! :) This is a great back to school math activity and will be nice to review some basic skills with your students. Simply print, laminate, cut out, then the kids with do some different matching activities with the math skills. 


I hope that you enjoy my FREEBIE!!!

I'd like to also tell you about another fun back to school item that I have ready and for sale in my store (ON SALE TOO!) It's my Back to School Literacy Centers MEGA PACK! There are 30 literacy centers included in this pack! Ideally, in my classroom, I'd use 6 centers per week, for 5 weeks. YES, this packet could easily last you for 5 weeks!
Each week includes: Phonics Sort, Vocabulary Word Match, Phonics Oops Game, Vocabulary Mixed Up Sentences Sort, plus a few others with various skills. What I love about these literacy center mega packs that I have created is that 4 of the 6 centers each time are the same, just different words are added, etc. That way, you don't have to spend a ton of time EVERY WEEK explaining and modeling how to do each center. There are really only 2 "new" centers each time, but even those, after a few weeks, they can probably figure out easily on their own! Also, you can keep some of the "old" centers out each week and use as review and for differentiated groups! The possibilities are endless! :)

Week 1:
Vocabulary Match Center
Phonics Word Sort Center (Short a, short i)
Short a, short i Oops Game
Vocabulary Mixed up Sentences Center
Statement/Question Sort Center
Alphabetical Order Center

Week 2:
Vocabulary Match Center
Phonics Word Sort Center (Short o, e, u)
Short Vowel Oops Game
Vocabulary Mixed up Sentences Center
Sentence Sort Center (Commands/Exclamations)
Sentence Correction Center

Week 3:
Vocabulary Match Center
Phonics Word Sort Center (Long & Short a)
Long/Short a Oops Game
Vocabulary Mixed up
Sentences Center
Subject Match Center
Fluency Phrase Center

Week 4:
Vocabulary Match Center
Phonics Word Sort Center (Short and Long i)
Short and Long i Oops Game
Vocabulary Mixed up Sentences Center
Subject/Predicate Sort Center
Comma Correction Center

Week 5:
Vocabulary Match Center
Phonics Word Sort Center (Short and Long o)
Short and Long o Oops Game
Vocabulary Mixed up Sentences Center
Subject Combination Center
Predicate Combination Center


I hope that you have a great time on our Indiana Goes Back to School Hop! Don't forget, at the end of the hop, there will be a Rafflecopter that you will WANT TO ENTER because the prize is a $75 gift card (of your choice!) Even if you didn't start this hop at the beginning, keep going because it should go right around in a circle until you hit all of the awesome blogs! 
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  1. Thank you for the blog hop! I love finding new 2nd grade blogs to follow.

  2. This stuff look great - I can't wait to see what everyone has!


    1. Thanks Jamie! Hope you enjoyed the hop! :)

  3. Hi Allison! I love the adorable freebie - it will be perfect at the beginning of the year to review :) Especially love the part-part-whole method. It's such a powerful strategy for the kids to use. Looking forward to the rest of the hop! Please stop by and link some of your cute products up with me this week :)
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    1. Thanks Tracey! I need to head over and look at your linky again. When I first looked at it I was thinking I didn't have much to contribute. I'm not totally sure on how I'm doing some of that stuff this year! HAHA. I'll look again and see what I can do! :)