Jul 28, 2013

My Summer (In Photo Form!) Completely Non-School Related

Everyone seems to be in BACK TO SCHOOL mode, so I think I need to post something non-school related! :)

This summer, I got into a fun, crafty, Pinterest mood for a few weeks! These are some of the fun projects I worked on for the girls' bedrooms!! Pinterest inspired of course. Here are my Instagram pictures of my projects.

To do these wall hangings, I started with some old wall hangings that I already had and didn't use anymore with my d├ęcor. The rest is just scrapbook paper, mod podge, and stickers. Fun to make.

Also made these, after finding cheap wall hangings at my Salvation Army. Also used mailbox letters and spray paint. I'd really recommend the vinyl mailbox letters because they were easy to move around when I didn't put them on straight and they peeled right off. The LOVE one I used scrapbooking type stickers and they didn't peel off very easy at all. Left the white residue underneath.

 And the finished products:

Some other fun this summer---All in pictures! :)
 Lilly has become quite the little character! She's at the point that everything goes her mouth, she laughs at everything, she makes tons of loud noises that she thinks are words, her hair is growing a ton,  and she is just exploring her world! What a fun age for me to get to stay home with her for 2 months. Also, we love going to the zoo. We have a zoo pass and made good use of it this summer!!


  1. Your children are beautiful. I love your owl and moon sign - turned out great.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Jamie. Thanks for following my blog! :)

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