Jul 16, 2013

Dare I say...Back to School!?!?!

Officially just past the "middle of July" mark. In our district, teachers are back August 15th, kids on August 19th. I have three days of training the week of August 5th, then the time in between then and the 15th will be spent getting the classroom ready! Yikes!!! I know we say this every year, but WHERE DOES THE SUMMER GO!?!?!?! So depressing.

This summer has been extra special for me because I'm home with my baby girl. However, Lilly goes back to daycare starting August 5th, so Mommy can get ready. Again, depressing! Next summer will be much different, she will be so much bigger and like a different child I'm sure! :) I did some shopping yesterday (imagine that!) and found a ton of marked down summer clothes at Kohls. I wasn't sure how to decide what she will be wearing next summer. She is growing WAY TOO FAST. So since she's in 12 month clothes now (she's 7 months old), I decided that one year from now, she will be in 2T. Hope I'm right!!! If not, I'm sure her older sister (who is tiny!) will still fit in 2T, and she can wear what I bought for HER in 3T! This year's 4th of July picture turned out so adorable in my opinion, so I wanted to make sure I got their 4th of July dresses for next year ($5 deal at Kohls!) :) Can't wait! But I CAN wait for the girls to grow so much!!!

Last week I attended an iPad conference in Chicago: BER-Best Use of iPads in the Classroom. Had a good time and I'll post more about that later!

Since I've been back, I have been thinking more about BACK TO SCHOOL time. Eek!! Last night I got these Back to School Literacy Centers posted. This packet includes 5 weeks of centers (6 centers per week!) 30 centers total! If you check out the description on TpT, it will give you information on what skills are covered in the centers. Remember, if you already purchase my Treasures units, you *won't* want to purchase this because these centers come from Unit 1 Treasures! Let me know if you have any questions!!!

One last thing, be watching for something fun this weekend!

Until next time!!


  1. Hi Allison! Your daughters are adorable!! & you found some cute dresses! I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog

    1. Awe thanks, you are sweet! :) I will head on over to your blog today! Check me out on Facebook too! :)

  2. Your girls are ADORABLE! I always stockpile clothes for my little girl too! $5 is a STEAL for those dresses!
    Diving into 2nd Grade

    1. I'm glad that others stockpile. Since that post, I have found tons more. OOPS! Everywhere has their clothes marked way down right now!!! I found 50 cent 4th of July shirts at one store! (Meijer, it's a Midwest store, not sure where you are!) Anyway, then I went to a huge church sale yesterday and got even more. I have it all sorted into boxes labeled by size so we are ready! LOL. My little one is just growing so fast, she may surpass her sister! :) Thanks for following!!!!!!!!