Mar 31, 2015

Engaging Students with Eggs {Who's Who and Who's New}

Did you see me featured over on the Who's Who and Who's New collaborative teaching blog yesterday? I'm sharing that post here today to make sure you all see it! But, be sure to head over to the Who's Who blog and follow that one too! There is a post from a different teacher-blogger EVERY DAY! Awesome ideas! 

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It's that time of the year where my students really need an extra boost to keep them engaged. It's also that time of year when I am starting to lose my energy on keeping them engaged! Anyone else know what I mean?

I have seen a lot of people post about using plastic Easter eggs in the past for various activities, but never tried it. I ran into The Dollar Tree a few weeks ago for something else (literally RAN in, my husband and kids were waiting in the car!).  I saw all of these adorable eggs that they had just set out on display and scooped them up without thinking. I was determined that I would find something cute to do with them! Cute patterns and adorable little yellow chicks. I also found eggs with three parts at our local grocery store Meijer (one of my very favorite stores out of Michigan and luckily we have them in Indiana, too!) Anyway, I was excited to find those three part ones too!

We are working on mastering our addition and subtraction facts in second grade, so I made a big basket of eggs for them to match up the fact with the sum or difference. The top and bottom patterns don't match, I didn't want to make it TOO easy for them! :) 


I also made two different sets of eggs with the chicks. One set is synonyms and one set is antonyms. I laid all of the egg halves out on the table and told my small group the one that made the most "matches" was the winner. They loved it! 

Finally, here are the three part eggs that I made into Nonsense Word Fluency practice. Luckily, not many of my kids still need this, but the ones that do are LOVING it! I honestly think I'm going to keep these around and use them at the beginning of the year next year. They love turning the parts of the eggs and making new words. The eggs do come apart when they are doing it sometimes, but they are easy to pop back together. Such an easy away to engage frustrated readers!


So far, we have been using these during small groups and intervention time when there are a few kids that need some extra practice.  I went to The Dollar Tree again today and got some more eggs because I'm determined to come up with some more ideas! 

Do you have any more ideas for me that I can use these eggs to engage my students?

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