Apr 1, 2015

Egg Hunt Sale

You are not going to believe this one!

This is an exciting sale because not only is my WHOLE store 20% off, but there are FOUR hidden 50% off products!

HOP HOP HOP through my store to find which products are marked down by HALF. But, shhhh don’t tell anyone once you find them!

These will only be marked down April 1st and 2nd.

since you visited my blog today, I will give you a few clues

Clue #1: One product includes 30 centers!
Clue #2: One product is originally $12!
Clue #3: One product has a sport theme.
Clue #4: One product is BRAND new and will be perfect to use RIGHT NOW!

Click on the sale picture below to HOP over to my store!

Good luck!

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