Apr 3, 2015

Organizing Toys and Teaching Colors

This week has been my Spring Break. No, I didn't have big plans of a warm weather destination like many of my friends. That’s okay because I couldn't wait to catch up on some things at home! Plus, spending time at home with the kids has honestly been great this week. The weather here in Indiana has been okay could be better, but I won’t complain.

I had a chance to sit down and have some learning time with my two year old. She is finally starting to grasp colors! She still gets a few mixed up and when she isn’t in the mood (gets sick of mommy asking what color everything is) she just starts saying random color names, but she's getting better!

We are big Kentucky Wildcats fans at our house. When I pointed to our Kentucky blanket and asked the color, she says “Kentucky.” I laughed and said, “No, what color is it?” “Kentucky,” is her only response. Kind of a witty kid...because I know that she knows the color blue. :) If you are interested in this color sorting activity for your little one, check out my product below.
{They are only $1.00!}

One BIG thing on my Spring Break list was to clean the girls’ rooms and GET RID of some toys! AY AY AY, I should have taken some before pictures, but that may have been embarrassing. We worked hard on sorting and organizing. We will see how long this lasts.

I also wanted to share this awesome box that I found. I bought this one at Big Lots, but then I ended up seeing it at Target too. If you have a Big Lots, I know their inventory can be hit or miss, but it was a few dollars cheaper there than at my Target. I feel like this box could be used for so many things and I’m still thinking of good ideas for it in the classroom, but for home it’s perfect for the girls’ crayons and coloring books! The top and bottom box connect together! Love it!

Sharing this quick freebie of the labels I put on the girls’ boxes. Some are obviously pretty specific to my kids, so I'm not sure if you can use the same labels or not, but just thought I’d share!  Enjoy!
{Click the picture below}

Back to work on some TPT projects I have started. Treasures 2013 packets coming up soon! Unit 5 is soon to be finished! 

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