Mar 23, 2015

April is Almost Here!

Well it's March 23rd and it's snowing in Indiana...who knew? I don't know why I am surprised and why I thought it was okay to wear Toms without socks today. I just decided not believe it could REALLY snow today.... then it did.  I looked at my Time Hop today and two years ago I was saying the same thing. So quickly I forget how the weather is here. The good news is that my Spring Break is next week.  I have a lot of plans for things to do at home! {School/TPT and clean house related!}

I have been slightly MIA from my blog after my strong start to 2015. I had a break when I was out of town for my mom's surgery, then I never got caught up. I was behind at school, behind at home, behind on I'm ready for Spring Break to catch up!

I have definitely been doing things in my classroom...just not blogging about it! Plus, I went to the big Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup in French Lick. I'll be blogging about that this weekend! Over 100 bloggers this year!

I just wanted to touch base and let you (and myself) know that I will be back to blogging soon! I did catch up on a few of my monthly products that I know some of you are waiting for! If you didn't see it already on my Facebook and TPT page, here they are!

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