Mar 28, 2015

2nd Annual Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup

Well, I thought last year's Teacher Blogger Meet-up in French Lick, Indiana was a blast...but this year was even better!!! You aren't going to believe all of the fun we had!

Thank you to Teachers Pay Teachers and GoNoodle for sponsoring the Teacher PJ Party!

What an amazing INSPIRATION all of these teachers are! I was so excited to meet a few favorites! Who do you recognize?

Jessica Tobin from Second Grade Nest and Miss DeCarbo {LOVE}

Fellow Indiana blogger: Mel D. From Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations!

Fellow Indiana Bloggers: Brenda Frady, Jenny Garwood, and Hilary Gard
Primary Inspired, Luckeyfrog's Lilypad, Second Grade is Out of This World

More Indiana Bloggers--and the BRAINS and HEART behind the whole weekend.
Thank you to Brittany Banister and Holly Ehle! 

Amazing ladies!

Did I mention that we also got to meet Deanna Jump, Dee Dee Wills, and Kim Adsit!? Can't even explain how sweet and wonderful all three of these ladies are! 

Thank you to all of the companies that donated goodies and prizes to our meetup. It was amazing that these companies knew teachers were coming together and didn't think twice about sending us amazing gifts. 


To see everyone else's posts about the weekend, see the link up below! Have fun visiting all of the other bloggers and finding some new blogs to follow!

Also, ENTER TO WIN! If you'd like to win THIS awesome giveaway, enter below! (Keep scrolling down!)

Here's what you can win!

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