Dec 11, 2015

Children's Books for Grownups

As a teacher, I have a feeling that you have a large collection of books....and some of them are YOUR in, kids can't touch them. GUILTY! I just want to know where they are when I need them! I may share them after I read them, but they have to go back on my special shelf in my classroom!

Okay, well there are some children's books that I own that I haven't shared with my class...only because I think they are a little bit too much for them to understand, but I love them! (Probably more than my adult books!) Do you have any books like this? I am still deciding how I will present this one to my students!

If you have followed my blog for a little while, you may have seen my post about meeting Patricia Polacco last fall! She doesn't live too far away from me and she had announced a book signing at a small hometown bookstore, so Abbie from Tales From the First Grade and I drove up (about an hour) to see her! It was so much fun! Here's the post and a picture!

She's just the sweetest lady and it was such a memorable day! Before she started her book signing, she spoke to the small crowd that was there and told a few stories about the books that she had in the works. First of all, she's an amazing story teller, as I'm sure you can imagine! Plus, the stories she was talking about publishing sounded AMAZING! Well, of course I also follow her Facebook page and the day that this book (Tucky Jo and Little Heart) was announced that it was available for sale in August, I ordered it on Amazon right away!

Since I had heard her tell the story in person, I couldn't wait to see and read the book! It didn't disappoint! It's a heart-warming story about war, friendship, trust, and just a true miracle. One of the sweetest stories that I've read and it reminds me of how things always happen for a reason! Just when you think it's a sweet story, like all of Patricia Polacco's, it has an amazing twist, which seems almost too good to be true!  Do yourself a favor and either purchase this book, or look it up at your local library, just for a heart warming read!

Click on the picture to see the book on Amazon (affiliate link)

I've been working on the rehabilitation of my leg and was just doing some stretching on my exercise bike, grabbed it, and read it again while I was riding...just a lovely story! It's okay for grownups to read children's books, right? Now I'm thinking of how I can share this with my class when I return and some of the lessons that we can learn from the heart-warming story! Since I had just read it again today, I decided I wanted to share it with all of you! What is your favorite Patricia Polacco book?

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