Dec 12, 2015

Holiday Cookie Hop 2015

Hello! Today's blog post is a fun one!! Some of the bloggers from the CTR collaborative blog are taking a break from teaching and sharing their favorite holiday cookie recipes! Grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and click through all of the linked up blogs that are involved! I promise that you'll find some goodies to make this holiday season! 

I'm actually sharing my cookie recipe more for the "crafty" idea! I hope that's okay! I had this idea for awhile, displaying handwritten recipes in my kitchen, so when we moved into our new house this past May and I finally have my DREAM kitchen, I decided to get busy! The framed handwritten recipes that I have displayed come from my grandma and also my great-great-grandma. (As you will see, it says "Great" grandma on the recipe, but this was written by my grandma and found in her recipe box, so I'm guessing this comes from my great-great grandmother...if not a little further back!) 

I always collect frames that I like and reflect the style and decor that I'm "trying for" in my house. This gold frame actually had the perfect backing already in it when purchased, so I just slipped the recipe card inside! 

For the larger frame with three recipes, I took out the frame inserts and wrapped the cardboard backing of the frame with burlap ribbon. It was slightly difficult to slide back into the frame, but once it was in, it fits nicely and won't budge or slide. {Also displayed is my grandma's rolling pin.}

Click on the picture below to download a printable copy.

For a special treat, click below for a freebie! (A little teaching fun included!)

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