Feb 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday Freebies

Good news! Some friends and I have come up with some football freebies for you! I want to thank you for following my blog and also celebrate how many times I have blogged so far in 2015!

Thank you!

Whether or not you are watching the big game today, and no matter who  you are cheering for, your students will love these FOOTBALL THEMED FREEBIES!

Please just do me a huge favor.
I know that you follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store (at least I hope you do, so you don't miss any of my goodies!) I also have a feeling that you might follow Abbie's Tales From the First Grade's TPT page since I mention her work a lot! 

Please be sure to FOLLOW everyone who has left freebies for you on my post today. They are all my personal friends and have just started out posting their amazing work on TPT. Please help them out by following their TPT stores and watching for all of the future products! After you download their freebies, just click FOLLOW on TPT. :) Thank you so much!

From Stuckey in Second:

From Tales From the First Grade by Abbie Jinnings:

From Fables from the Kitchen Table:

From Michelle Meyer:

From Hostler's Third Grade Thinkers: 

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