Feb 4, 2015

Snow Day Learning {Toddler Time}

Well, we recently had a five day weekend with our snow days. By day 5, I was ready to stop being lazy and have some fun learning time. TV off and time to learn. The girls had a blast. I have had a blast making these fun activities for my own kids! I know just what kids their age like and I love knowing that I can sit down and create something to help them learn! 

Counting strips. Kelsey counts the monsters, then matches the strip up to the correct number. She has been working on number recognition at school and she loved this! 


Here is how I organize my games. I laminate the envelope and paper together in one laminating pouch. (even an envelope with a metal clasp!) Then I use the top of scissors to carefully slice open the envelope, without going through all of the layers. This is how I store all of my games that I create in my classroom too! 

Lilly is LOVING puzzles lately. This is her favorite, she literally will do it 12 times in a row once she gets started. She loves it! I really think this is great for her brain! (Lilly just turned 2.)

Kelsey has her colors mastered, but she was trying to "teach" her little sister (2) with these "I Know My Colors" cards. They had fun sorting them and matching them. 

Here are some of the other preschool activities that I finished, laminated, and cut out for the girls! We are going to be having fun all winter!! 

Don't worry, I'm not always a teacher-mom, we did go outside and enjoy our snow day too! 


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