Oct 10, 2013

Read Aloud Rehab!

I've made a promise to myself in the last week or two to MAKE myself do more read alouds in my classroom. With all of the things going on at school lately, common core, new reading series, trying so hard to fit everything in, especially when I had 34 kids up until 2 weeks ago, somehow READ ALOUDS were lost in my classroom!!! Horribly sad. I realized this a few weeks ago and was ashamed. I decided to make a promise to my 2nd graders...that I would find time to do a read aloud every single day, no matter what. I think the thought came to my mind when I read them Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to jumpstart a writing lesson last week and we had SO MUCH FUN! We all LOVED reading it (even though most had heard it before!) That day, I decided that I need to get back into the "love" of teaching. Even if I don't have a read aloud "planned", I WILL fit one in... I can pull any comprehension skill, writing skill, etc out of any read aloud. The point is, KIDS NEED TO HEAR ME READING! I sure hope that others out there are going through the same thing!?!? I mentioned this to my teaching neighbor, first grade teacher, Abbie and she said that I took the words out of her mouth because she had been thinking the same exact thing lately. She started making a chart for the month of October and she and her students are charting all of the books they read, fiction and non-fiction.

It's only October 10th, here are just some of the read alouds I have done so far! (And if you'd believe it, we have even fit more than one in a day!)

I have a huge pile of so many more books I want to share with my kids. I can't believe how lost I got in being wrapped up in all of the other "stuff" and forgot how wonderful reading to a classroom of children is! Although I haven't been blogging as much lately, I hope to update you on the read alouds I'm using and I'd love other ideas! :)

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  1. I love all of the Alexander books. The kids always love to listen to his character in the story. I think it is because they can relate to him. Thanks for sharing!