Oct 18, 2013

Fall Freebie Friday #3

Here we go, Week #3! How are you liking the hop so far?? I'm so happy to have been asked to be part of this. Great teachers, great blogs, great ideas, plus FREEBIES!

First of all, just go to my store, FOLLOW me for future *FUN* things. I'm always trying to think of some new freebies to post!! Here is the link to the freebies I already have in my store: Stuckey in Second FREEBIES

My kids are loving my October/Halloween centers right now. But I need to start digging out my Thanksgiving stuff! They are almost ready for the change!

Check out these Thanksgiving Centers in my store!

Here is my FREEBIE!!!
Don't forget to check out my friend Abbie's store too! Here is an adorable Thanksgiving freebie!

Thanksgiving Nonsense Words
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