Oct 31, 2013

iPad Projects

Slowly, we have been making time to complete some iPad projects. We learned how to use Educreations today to make a quick "book report."

We used the expository text that we read this week in Reading Wonders. This was the first time we had done one of these projects, so I tried to keep it simple. Cover page (simple: cover of the book!), three facts from text, and an author page. For the first time doing it in my room (some had used the program in 1st grade) they did pretty well! 

Students worked with their partner to take pictures of the photographs they wanted to share, typed the facts, then recorded a narration of their slide show/report.  


The projects turned out really well and I wish there was a way to share one without student names. I'll have to have someone make one without names so that I can share with you all!!

I also taught (reminded) my kids today about how to use ScreenChomp. We practiced taking pictures of fluency passages, recording ourselves reading them, then listening back to them. It didn't end up going perfectly today, but I truly just wanted to remind them how to use the app so we can use it again very soon! 
 Overall, a good iPad day. I plan to try to have them out and make time to use them again. The kids get really creative on them and there are so many ways to use them to help the kids show off their creativity.

We are also working on a class book called Our Favorite Books in Evernote, one of my new favorites. I'm teaching the kids how to use it slowly through making this book together, then I'm hoping they may be able to complete their own projects on their own! (Eventually!)


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