Jun 21, 2013

Wrapping Up the Week

Well, I'm finishing up my 2nd week of summer break. It's been a busy one. Typical cleaning and laundry. Plus taking the girls to the zoo, Splash Pad, and hanging out in the their kiddie pool.

I spent Friday at a real pool with my wonderful teaching friends. I love the summertime when we have time to catch up in a "non-school related" kind of way! Friday night was date night with my hubby...always enjoyable and doesn't happen often enough! At one point this week, I looked around at my mess-of-a-house and told myself, it must have been a perfect summer day if the house looks like this! The mess meant that we were enjoying the great weather outside and not stuck inside cleaning and picking up toys all day!

 Looking forward to catching up on some things around the house this next week. I will admit...I haven't done much as a TEACHER these last two weeks. Sounds perfect to me! I've worked a little bit on items for our new reading series: Reading Wonders. Also, I'm going backward a bit and creating a spelling packet for 2nd Grade Treasures if anyone is interested. It shouldn't take me too long and I'll have it posted on TpT soon! Loving finding new ideas on Pinterest..that always gets me excited for the new school year!

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