Jun 22, 2013

Mommy Time! Favorite Things for Baby

People sometimes ask me what my favorite gifts were for Lilly.  Well I truly loved all of the gifts I received for Lilly and some of these things were gifts but some I bought myself. Also, these are my favorite things as of now (6 months in!) I am guessing that in the next 6 months, my favorites may change as Lilly has new needs!!!

1. Philips Soothie Pacifier

Lilly won't take Amy other pacifier. Now, I put this under my favorite things, but please know that I can't stand these things. I wish she'd use one of those cute pacifiers that doesn't bounce and fly all over the place every time she decides to spit it out or whip it across the room. However, if we are talking about things I can't live without as a mommy, this is a must in our house. She refuses any other type. Be sure to register for a few kinds of pacifiers, some babies are picky! 
2. Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper

L-O-V-E! I am in love with this thing. We have definitely got our money's worth! This is something I purchased myself before she was born and we use it everyday! She loved napping in it as a newborn because its slightly raised up and not flat. It folds up to take to Granny's house or anywhere else. I love love love it and I'm not sure if it will even last for another child because we have got so much use out of it!!! I'm sure it will, but I'd be willing to buy a new one too, because its so great!!

Please note: There was a voluntary recall on the product because of mold after washed and not let to dry completely. When you do take it apart to wash it (which you'll have to if your baby uses it as much as Lilly!) just make sure it completely dries before replacing it. I put mine right in the drier, no problem!!!

3. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse (pink or blue)

I always call this Lilly's "glow worm". Duh! It's not a glow worm, it's a seahorse. LOL but its LIKE our glows worms as kids, right??? 

Simply said, can't live (or sleep) without this! The first night Lilly was home from hospital, we started using this when she went to bed in her bassinet as part of her bedtime routine (along with Halo Sleepsack). Still, at 6 months, it's mesmerizing to her! If I lay her down sleepy, but still awake, she sees the glow and hears the music, she stares at it and her eyes close within minutes. For us, it's a must have. I had found a blue one at a garage sale in great shape, so I'm sending that one to stay at her Granny's. (in case we ever forget it!!) 

Remember when you register for baby, register for toys too!!! This is something I registered for. Once baby is here and you are busy, you might not be out and about shopping for anything but diapers and wipes!!!!  Also, I find this to always be a good, inexpensive baby shower gift. I like to have those gifts in mind that you can give to new moms that you really know worked for your baby! 

4. Taggies

Lilly loves her taggie blanket. In fact, I need a spare so I can wash it!!

5. Bumbo

I think this is a pretty common baby item these days. I don't know what I'd do without it. It's very helpful all the time. Great to use for feeding baby food when they are still too wobbly for high chair and just great for sitting and watching while you are working in kitchen, etc. 

6. Halo Sleepsack 

This is a must-have. I had registered for other sleep sacks, but our hospital sent us home with a fleece Halo Sleepsack as a gift and we all became addicted to it. Swaddling Lilly up was so easy and she slept great in it. I don't know if it was the combination of "glow worm" and Sleepsack routine or just that I have an angel baby, but she was a great sleeper from the start. However, I never tried a night without those two things to experiment!! I needed my rest! :-) I do remember the day that Lilly outgrew the one the hospital sent home with us, I was on a mission to Target right away to get another one the next size up. Suddenly $30 didn't seem too expensive at all!!! For a perfect sleeper, $30 was a bargain! I also had a Halo one with just the sack part and not the wrap around swaddle panels, which I didn't use at all. Those ones seem to be more just to keep them warm, where the one with the Velcro swaddling panels holds them nice and tight around their tummy.... Perfect for sleeping in my house. :-) Eventually she started sleeping with her arms out, then later when she was rolling, she was comfortable sleeping without the Sleepsack (about 4 months old). The other question you maybe have is how many you need. I only had one. I'd wash it once or twice a week, more often if she happen to spit up on it. Also, I only used at bedtime and took her right out when she got up in the morning. This may have also helped with her understanding "bedtime" and our routine. 

7. Eric Carle Ladybug

The World of Eric Carle: Developmental Ladybug by Kids Preferred

Not too much to say besides that I love these toys and babies do too!!! This particular one has a mirror on the bottom which seems to be a hit with most babies!

8. Onesies 


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