Nov 25, 2015

Teaching Fact & Opinion with Candy

I've created a full five day lesson/unit to help students distinguish between facts and opinions and I'm super excited!

It's a five day plan that starts by introducing the concepts of fact and opinion and ends the week with a short assessment of the skill.  In the middle, there are 3 hands on lessons that are engaging and fun for the students! I'm sharing some pictures below, then linking up the actual product at the bottom, which includes all of the details for these lessons.

Day one lesson plan focuses on introducing fact and opinion:

Day Two is Hershey Bar/Twix Day:


Day Three is Skittles/Starburst Day:


Day Four includes a hands on Fact/Opinion sort, applying skills learned from the first three days:

Day Five includes a quick assessment to check your students' understanding after the week of learning the differences between facts and opinions: 

 If you are interested in purchasing this 5 day lesson plan unit, see my brand new product below on TPT. If you aren't sure, be sure to Wish List it, just in case there is a sale that pops up soon and you can try it for an even lower price!