Nov 30, 2015

Are you Ready for December?

What could be better? Start the month of December with some fresh, new products and enjoy them at a great price during TPT's CYBER SALE!! Eeeeek! I can't think of anything much more exciting as a teacher! PROMO CODE: SMILE

I love teaching in December, not only because it's short (ha!), but because I love doing fun holiday related activities. Yes, we are still allowed, so I do know that I'm lucky! {I have a super fun blog post that will go live on December 1st explaining what I usually do in December for Grinch Day!}

I have to admit that I'm really sad to not be in the classroom this year for December. If you have been following me on Facebook, Instagram, or here, you probably saw a few of my posts about having an accident back at the end of September, and I'm still off work. I visited my surgeon last week and there is just still no end in sight for me. Six more weeks of no walking at this point.

I noticed that here on my blog I had scheduled my GRINCH post to go live on December 1st (I scheduled it one year ago because after I did it last year, it was too late for people to USE it in 2014, so I wanted to make sure to post it again THIS December so people could see it and try it out!) Anyway, when I saw that was coming up and December 1st was so close, I got really sad that I won't be with my class this year to make sure it's a fun December for them. I've been reminded by some good friends that I can try to do some fun things with my kids at home and try to make up for it! I'm planning to find some fun crafts we can do in December here at home.

Well, enough about that, let's get to the fun December products that I have in my store! The best news is that I have bundled my most popular December items together this year, which give you a big savings if you purchase as a bundle!

If you purchased the 5 items included in the bundle separately, you'd spend $26.00, but I have this bundled for $20, saving you 23%. PLUS if you purchase it through the CYBER Monday sale, you will save even more! With my sale, plus the TPT code, you should be able to get this whole bundle for: $14.40!!! PROMO CODE: SMILE

 Just in case you don't NEED all of these items, or you already have a few, click here to see them each sold separately and ALSO on SALE! :) Don't forget the TPT code at checkout, I always forget!(Then I just get really mad at myself and you don't need that! LOL)

I also have a brand new item for the month of December that goes with the book, The Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish. As soon as I saw it was out, I ordered it, and I loved it! So adorable! Then, I just knew that I'd want to some activities to go along with it. I created a companion pack with graphic organizers, a few writing response sheets, and a few hands-on centers. Click the picture below to see the finished product, but also click here to get the FREE sampler that I created to go along with it!

Some other super popular items that I have this month are below. The Two-Digit Pack would only be $3.60 during the Cyber Sale (with the code!)
and the Main Idea activity would only be $1.44!!!  PROMO CODE: SMILE

If this is your first TPT sale, you have been missing out! Now is definitely the time to stock up on the products that you were on the fence about buying. Not trying to do a sales pitch here, but I'm just sharing my experience, as a buyer too! I buy PLENTY for my own classroom and of course great clipart and items to create more products. It's my favorite time of year. Here's the way that it works, MOST stores will have a 20% off sale. So the prices you see listed in their stores for these two days (Nov 30-Dec 1) will be the price. THEN, when you are ready to checkout, put in the TPT PROMO CODE and you will save an additional 10%...which is off of the already marked down products, so overall that works out to a total of 28% off!

Here's what I do... I start going through my "Wishlist" first because over the last few months, I have added items that I see and don't want to forget about to my wishlist. I check to see if those are on sale (which most likely they are because just about every seller will put their store 20% off!) and then I decide if I still really want them and they are worth the sale price. Then, I start thinking about what I need for the next few months in my own classroom and just fill up my wishlist more! I hope that you can find some goodies to get you through the next few months! HAPPY SHOPPING!!! {Don't forget to enter the promo code!!!} PROMO CODE: SMILE

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