Sep 5, 2014

Super Saturday Sale

I've joined this great link up with Laura over at Where the Magic Happens !!

Today, September 6th, I am having a great sale! All of my FEATURED items are 50% off! Yes, half off!!! Here are some of the items that you can get for only!
This Back to School Mega Pack of 30 Literacy Centers is marked down to just $5.00 (From $10.00)
My RAPP packet (for response to literature type questions) has been very popular! It's marked down to just $2.50! (Normally $5.00)
Another of my big sellers! Back to School Fluency Phrases. There are 6 levels included here and put into 6 different small group/workstation games! (Marked down to $3.50)
Last, but not least...a set of my MATH CENTERS are featured! Check these out for only $3.00!
Hey..just in case you are interested, you can purchase all 4 of my featured items today in the Super Saturday Sale for a grand total of...... $14.00!
Please check out the other teacher bloggers that have joined in on the Super Saturday Sale by clicking here:

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

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