Aug 30, 2014

Work Together Weekend BLOG HOP

Hello! I'm happy to be able to share this blog hop with you! It is being put on by the bloggers that are over on the Who's Who Blog! Should be fun, so let's get started!!

I started the new school year two weeks ago, and my aching feet are proving to me tonight that I wasn't ready to be back in the groove! I am at a new school, with all new faces, so I'm trying harder than ever this year to encourage my kids to work together and get along! I think most teachers have their go-to list for activities and read alouds for the beginning of the year to build community. New school for me, so I just went all out and got all new books that I've been working on with my kids. They aren't new to all, many were suggested to me by other teachers, others were suggested to me by Amazon once I ordered the others. (They can just read your mind, can't they!? Ha!)

I'm encouraging my students to work together and be a team in our classroom. I'm also rotating around to the other 2nd grade classrooms and talking about these various "Good Character" skills. Here are the books that I have used as read alouds and discussions so far:

Also these:

These books have all brought on great discussions with my class and I'm very grateful for the recommendations from other teachers (and Amazon!) :) I have already seen kids working together and standing up for each other! I love the lessons that are taught!

Here's a freebie for you!

Now, hop on over to the next blog in our WORK TOGETHER WEEKEND Blog Hop! Enjoy!


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