Apr 30, 2014

Workstation Wednesday: Read and Retell

Welcome back for out Workstation Wednesday! The year is starting to wind down, but the workstations keep going and of course the kids keep loving them. Today's workstation that I'd like to share is one that we do all year long and all of my students participate in this station because it's easy to differentiate.

I have an old set of leveled readers from an old reading series that are all in leveled baskets and these books are used ONLY for this workstation, my read and retell station. You could use any books that you have leveled to easily differentiate this station though. 

Here is how the station looks: 

On each student work plan, it tells the student which level I'd like them to use that week. After 5-6 weeks, I just change the level on their work plan by going up one. Also, they know if they read every book in that basket, they just move up to the next level basket. Again, a station that doesn't require a ton of work on my part. Are you seeing a pattern in my posts? Lol 

Here is their work plan with their read and retell center assigned:

Students choose a book from their assigned basket, read it, then complete the read and retell graphic organizer. Download it free from my TPT store.

Read and Retell accountability sheet (please follow my TPT store and leave me some feedback if you download this, I appreciate it!) 
Also, here are my basket labels: Read and Retell Center Labels FREEBIE

Hope this station can be useful for you in your classroom! I'd love to see you using it! Feel free to post pictures to my Facebook page of you using any of my ideas or tag me on Instagram! @stuckeyinsecond

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  1. Great station idea, thank you! I have those exact same baskets. What do you use to keep your labels on? Mine have been falling off and frustrating me.


    1. I have used various things over the years to attach the labels and I know just what you mean, most everything falls off. This year, the label is laminated, then I used wide packing tape and it's pretty much wrapped around the basket to hold the label on. It's working well so far! :)

    2. I just realized I should have added my basket labels as a freebie too!!! Stay tuned!

    3. I am looking for baskets! Where did you buy the math homework baskets?

    4. All of these are from the dollar tree (top shelf of homework baskets too!) But, it's been a couple of years ago. Just keep watching, especially over the summer. I love those homework ones, they are a great size! Also, try Big Lots maybe???

  2. Great idea! Now I know what to do with all of those old books I have from previous programs.
    Question - Do you do any lessons in the beginning of the year on what you expect in their written retell? Do you provide feedback on these retells?