Apr 3, 2014

Butterfly Life Cycle

Well, I originally posted this way back in the fall because at my school, that's when we do our Butterfly unit. But, I thought I'd post again, now that it's more relevant for most teachers in the spring! Happy Spring! Enjoy!

Orginally posted August 2013.

Can't wait to use this with my kids this fall! We do our Butterfly Life Cycle unit first thing in the fall. For science, we get science kits sent to us. We always get the butterfly kit first, which means the caterpillars will be arriving in the mail very soon! It's a little tough doing it first thing because the whole process goes VERY quickly in our hot, non-air conditioned school! However, it's so much fun for the kids, so it's nice to have all of that fun at the beginning of the school year! I've always grabbed a bunch of activities and shoved them together to make a mashed together booklet of activities for the kids to complete for the science unit. I've had it on my list for YEARS to create a "real" booklet for my students. (A more coherent and organized one!) I finally sat down and completed it! I'm so excited about it because I think it looks just adorable, plus I added in some of my own ideas that I'd like my students to complete. This will be my 7th year of the wiggly caterpillars and the exciting butterfly unit! After 6 years of it, I need SOMETHING to get excited about!!!!!

Check it out!!



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  1. This looks awesome - I will for sure have to put it in my TpT wish list!!!