Mar 30, 2014

Indiana Teachers Dollar Sale and a SNEAK PEEK

Well, we are at it again...a group of Indiana teachers are putting on a DOLLAR SALE all day on Sunday, March 30th to celebrate SPRING! (Even though I'm looking out my own window right now and seeing SNOW SNOW SNOW!)
There are promises of 60 degrees on Monday though! (Fingers crossed!)

Here are my dollar items:

This packet includes 5 centers FOR ONLY $1:

High Frequency Word Roll and Read
Phonics Word Sort (Consonant + el, le, al)
Phonics Oops Game (Consonant + el, le, al)
Adjective Compare (with accountability sheet)
Main Idea Match (with accountability sheet)
Here are the 6 centers included:
Double Digit Dribbling Facts (addition)
Odd & Even Basketball Sort
Place Value Scoring
Missing Number Hoops
Measurement Top It
Subtraction with Regrouping

....and I added a few more last minute items! (Oops!)

Telling Time Around the Room with QR Codes (Quarter Hour)

Telling Time Around the room with QR Codes (Hour/Half Hour)

For all of the $1 sale items offered from other Indiana teachers, see the links at the bottom of this post!
Now, for my other good news---a SNEAK PEEK at something coming up this week! I'm going to start a Workstation Wednesday series. I'm teaming up with Abbie in Tales From the First Grade.

We are going to give you a look inside our classrooms and show you how we run our Literacy Workstations/Centers! Starting THIS Wednesday, when we will give you an introduction and overview of our classrooms. After that, come back each Wednesday for a more detailed post about each station/center! I'll show you my 2nd grade classroom & she will show you her 1st grade room! Get excited!!!

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