Mar 25, 2014

Indiana Spring Teacher/Blogger Meet Up

Well this weekend was a whirlwind of fun! Loved every minute of it! Abbie from Tales From the First Grade and I left school Friday and traveled down to French Lick, Indiana.

We didn't get there until pretty late, and we had some interesting adventures on the way (if your gut tells you not to follow the Garmin speaking, you probably shouldn't follow it, that thing was going wacky!) Anyway, we eventually found our way to French Lick Casino and Resort and met up with some amazing people!

The weekend was put on by the lovely hostess, Holly Ehle!

She did a fantastic job and it was an amazing feeling to come together with so many teachers that took the time (and money!) to come and meet up with other teachers, just-for-the-fun-of-it! We were able to learn some great tips from each other for the classroom, blogging, and overall social media. We had a great lunch and collaborative session together, full of laughing and prizes!

Thank you to School Girl Style for the decorations!

Thank you to the Vera Bradley company of Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Thank You to Scentos for your amazing donation to all of us teachers! 

Thank you to Erin Condren for the gift certificates!

Thank you to Crayola for your donations!

Later, we went for dinner and to visit the beautiful dome at the West Baden Springs (part of the same resort). It was amazing!


Sunday morning, we all met together one last time for an amazing brunch and to say our goodbyes!

Can not wait for another meet up, I think I'm addicted!!!

Thank you to everyone for a great time!


  1. Looks like y'all had so much fun!!!


  2. Awesome Post! :) I had such a great time last weekend! And... the flowers!!! They are beautiful!!! Thank you so much! They made my week! We have to get together more often!!!

    1. Sounds like a plan! Dinner and drinks sometime soon!