Oct 26, 2015

Break a Leg! {Personal Update plus some DOLLAR DEALS}

Hello everyone! It's quite the week around here...full moon, parent teacher conferences, and of course HALLOWEEN! Although it's on a Saturday, I'm sure many of your schools are having parties earlier in the week. My school does not have school Friday due to parent teacher conferences late on Wednesday and Thursday, so the Halloween parade and celebrations are on Thursday, then teachers stay until 8pm for parent/teacher conferences! All of these Facebook posts that I have seen say they are glad Halloween is on a Saturday...I'm not sure that matters around here because now it's just a LONG and extended Halloween celebration, as I'm sure it is for many of you too! However, kids will have some time to rest over the weekend!! Whew!

Well, my own interesting news is that I'm NOT actually AT SCHOOL through all of this. I'm currently off for an undetermined amount of time due to an unfortunate accident. I'm having a hard time being away (although I'm not sure I feel too bad about being gone during this crazy week! LOL!) I'm missing out on all of the fun!

If you follow my on Facebook, you've probably already seen a few posts about my accident and staying home for awhile. Long story short, I was hit by a car on September 30th. (I can't believe it's already been a month, it will be 4 weeks on Wednesday!) I was leaving a meeting downtown in our city, crossing at the crosswalk with some other teachers from my district and I was struck by the car about halfway through the crosswalk. It was an extremely scary experience, but I'm SO LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! The bumper of the SUV hit my left leg right below my knee, sending me straight down to the pavement on my knees. SO THANKFUL that I didn't hit my head, go onto the hood of the car, etc. At first, I was in such shock that I was just SURE that I was fine, just a bruised I laid on the street corner, unable to walk. (I can laugh now!) I was taken to the ER by ambulance and we soon (well, not so soon...hours later) found out that I had a fracture on the plateau of my tibia. Sounds kinda fancy, huh? Well it is fancy alright, fancy as in it will require a very LENGTHY recovery time because of the location of the fracture. I had surgery to reconstruct everything and I am now the proud owner of two metal plates and four GIANT screws inside of my leg. (I got to see the x-ray of it this past week...OOOOO MMMM GGG!)

I have to give a shout out to my school, my school district, my neighbors, friends, and family! I have had a constant flow of people here at the house, willing to help with anything we need. My husband has become Mr. Mom/Dad/Housekeeper/Cook/Chauffeur/EVERYTHING. I'm so fortunate to have him! He is seriously amazing!  Mentally, I'm getting better and laughing more about it all, but physically, I'm still restricted to the couch all day, everyday. My favorite thing is when I get to move from the couch to bed for the night! (Sad, right!?) I start PT this week and hopefully I will beat the odds and be back on my feet in LESS than the 3 months that my ortho has restricted me too. We shall see!!! :)

Although I know it could be worse, and I'm so thankful that it wasn't.... Please just never take things for granted... Life can be TOTALLY FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN in seconds...literally. 

Now...for the SPOOOOOKTACULAR part! The Indiana Bloggers have planned a dollar sale! I have four items that I have marked down to ONE DOLLAR. They are all honestly a great deal for one dollar! Check them out! (I can't wait to shop myself!)

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