Jul 29, 2015

Back to School Book Favorites {Freebie Linky}

I did a post earlier about my favorite back to school books, but I wanted to tell you more about A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue! {Plus there are some other blogging buddies linking up to this that will tell you about their favorite back to school books too!}

I just discovered this book this past school year when I asked for recommendations on my Facebook page and a few teachers recommended it. I ordered it right away on Amazon and ended up loving it! It's a book that you might want to revisit a few times through the school year, or just revisit the topic and remind the kids of "tattle tongues." They will remember what you are talking about! I even find myself saying it at home, then realizing that I haven't read it to my own kids yet! LOL
The book goes over rules of when you should and should not tattle. For example, if someone is in danger, you should tell someone immediately. But, if someone is not in danger and what they are doing has nothing to do with you, you shouldn't tattle. It's fun to give the kids examples after reading the book and see if they can transfer what they learned in the book into "real life" (even though it's on paper!) Then as the year goes on, you will find out if they can transfer the rules to real life too. If they start to have trouble, read it again!! 

This year, I'd like to give my students this quick "check for understanding" after reading and discussing the book. If you'd like your own copy for free, click on the picture below. Don't forget to leave feedback and then click on the others in this linky below for more ideas for back to school books to read!

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