Jan 7, 2014

Snow Many Freebies!

Well, we are all looking for something free. As I was going through my store yesterday trying to find which items to mark down for our $1 Snow Day Sale {that was Monday}, I thought, I should really make sure everyone gets all of my other freebies!!!

Here is the link that shows all of my free items in my store. Most are {in my opinion} average "freebies". But there are a few that I want to let you know about that are really BIG freebies!

First of all my Unit 1 Week 1 Treasures Resource packet. Huge. Even if you don't teach Treasures, I am confident that you can use some of the centers that are included. Just check it out and leave me some love!
Also, for a limited time {this week}, I have my newest Winter Literacy Centers as a freebie! This is in celebration of my TPT Milestone achievement. Again, if you download it, please follow my store {you'll want to for future products and more freebies!} and leave me some love!
Here are some other smaller freebies, that are just fun for January!

Penguin Two-Digit Addition/Subtraction Game
Also, here are three sheets that I use in my literacy workstations every single week! They can be used with any book or set of words! To me, these are priceless sheets because I use them so often!

Read & Retell Accountability Sheet
I hope you can use some of the freebies that I've listed and you'll share my goodies with some of your teaching friends! Be on the lookout for new things posted in my TPT store in the near future. I'm so full of ideas right now!!!

1 comment:

  1. So many FREEBIES! Thanks for your generosity! Can't wait to use the LIteracy Centers I won in the Milestone Achievement giveaway! I feel like I've won the resource lottery!

    Congrats again!