Sep 4, 2013

Literacy Workstations/Centers

Well the year has been busy so far! I have 34 second graders at this point and although I felt like I would never get my reading workstations off the ground, I think I might have finally done it today! I have had to re-vamp how I do my workstations this year after doing it a completely different way for the past 6 years. But I think I like it! I'm excited...AND it seems to have worked (today!) with 34 kids. Okay, 3 kids were out, plus one gone to resource, so let's say 30 kids. While it was going so well, I decided to snap some pictures on my iPad so that I could post the pictures at every center to show them how the center SHOULD look. My secret thoughts were that this may be the only day that EVERYONE is on task! Haha. Here are my 10 centers and the posters I made to hang in each center area! I can't wait to get to school tomorrow and post them!

(Animal Kingdom passages and questions thanks to Kayla Parker!)


  1. Holy cow, I am exhausted reading this thinking about the intensive planning it took to get that going! Fantastic!!

  2. That is a lot of kids!!! Are all the classes that full at your school??? I only have 25 and I feel like that is a lot in a lower elementary class. It looks like you are doing a great job of keeping everything going.