Aug 2, 2013

Need More To Do Before Heading Back to School?????

Ha. Need more to get ready for school? Maybe you have more time than I do. I know there are some teachers out there that don't go back until September!!! I would love to have time to get everything prepared for the school year before the year starts. Wouldn't be the ideal world?

Well, I know it's only August...but I've bundled (I've been doing a lot of bundling lately!!) all of my holiday related centers--literacy and math! Many of these were popular last year, so I thought that I would bundle them together and give everyone an opportunity to save 30% off the total price if you were to buy each of my holiday center packets individually.  Maybe you will need to get closer to the "holidays" to even think about this, but take a peek. With this bundle, you'd be set for the entire school year! :)

I've included:
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
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