Nov 1, 2010

Cause & Effect Game

 After completing cause and effect activities as a whole group with books that we read together as read alouds, I thought it was important to do a quick assessment on whether my students could put what we had learned to the test. I created these cards: Cause and Effect Cards  and passed one out to each student. I simply told students that half of them had a "cause" and half of them had an "effect." Students read the cards, then moved around the room to find their match.

For example:
Cause Card: Your shoes are untied.
Effect Card: You trip and fall.

When each student had found their match, they stood back to back and waited for others to find their matches. That way, nobody would come ask them what they had (and waste time) because they visibly already found their partner.

When everyone had found their "match," each pair read their cards aloud to the class. Students started with the CAUSE being read first and then said "SO" and then the EFFECT card was read second. The rest of the class agreed or disagreed with whether the two matched up or not. Also, the class agreed and disagreed as to whether they had the "cause" correct and the "effect" correct (and not mixed up.)

This activity worked out great and within about 10 minutes I was able to see how well the class as a whole could put what they knew about cause and effect into "effect" in real-word situations.

Cause and Effect Cards
*Cards can be added to or changed, you'll see the idea once you look at the cards.

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